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"Leif in Concert - Vol.2" celebrated its world premiere at Filmfest München 2019 and won the German Cinema New Talent Award for the best production. 

The jury consisted of Alfred Holighaus, Claudia Steffen and Melika Foroutan.


Jury Statement German Cinema New Talent Award:


"A pub as a microcosm for an entire society is not a novelty in cinema. A pub as a microcosm for a casually narrated multicultural society beyond demagogically induced dystopias is refreshing. Producer Martin Lischke has given his director Christian Klandt the opportunity to stage this loving and passionate bow to great human individuality and the minor arts quickly, but also convincingly and extremely entertainingly by means of unusual financing and an equally unusual cast. All trades seem to have their appropriate place here. The camera is beautifully unobtrusive, the editing is fantastic, the music is not only important, but ravishingly good. Martin Lischke created the framework for a genuine ensemble film under certainly not easy conditions - in front and behind the camera."


German Cinema New Talent Award winners at Filmfest München 2019: Martin Lischke (producer, Leif in Concert - Vol.2), Oğulcan Arman Uslu (actor, Es gilt das gesprochene Wort), Nils Mohl (script writer, Es gilt das gesprochene Wort), Jan-Ole Gerster (director, Lara)

photo: Filmfest München


For LEIF IN CONCERT VOL. 2, Christian Klandt (LITTLE THIRTEEN) has gathered old friends and guest stars for a number revue that offers everything you could hope for from an evening in your favourite pub.

epd Film

The film is an ode to the gloomy pubs of this world and thus in Corona times one thing above all: longing cinema, which brings the night owls to that place of which they could often only dream in recent weeks. But apart from the fact that Christian Clardt's film fits perfectly into this cautious first post-Corona phase: "LEIF IN CONCERT" is simply an incredibly likeable film...

Even if this was certainly not intended, Leif in Concert - Vol.2 has suddenly become the film of the hour . A homage to all those small bars and clubs, the cellar pubs and sometimes dodgy dives, all those "second living rooms" we know and without which semi-public life seems so much poorer.

TIP Berlin

The film with the irritating title has what it takes to become a cult film.

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